Best and effective ways for students to protect their society in pollution

Present days our world is facing pollution problem. Day by day pollution increases and it will cause to global warming and other disaster. Many countries are took immediate action for preventing pollution. Increasing usage of fossil fuel, deforestation, usage of plastic production, and lack of proper rules and waste management system are cause to global warming and pollution. Pollutions are categorized many types. Air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, radioactive pollution, thermal pollution, and visual pollutions are major pollution. We are using many vehicles and electronic equipments, after usage of these elements we are not disposed in proper place based on proper techniques. In our space included with a lot of astronomical vehicles and satellite waste. These waste will makes big problems in our space. When human is entering a place, the remaining place will dump with waste. We should control our pollutions; otherwise many kinds of disaster will develop. Students can do more precaution to prevent the pollutions. We can easily implement the idea in students. They are the future life; they are responsible to prevent the pollution, because pollutions are majorly effect on new generation. Here share some points for students to implement for preventing pollutions.

Teachers should conduct awareness classes and seminar for students to know about pollution hazards. Students can easily catch the points when teachers teach. Include the social and environmental subject in education syllabus, and give training to students to how to manage the pollution. We can see much school and colleges are promoting planting trees activities and cleaning ponds, lake, etc. trees are preventing deforestation, global warming, and soil pollutions. Now day’s people are cutting more trees for industrial purpose, but they didn’t plant trees after cutting. Students can plant tress in their house, besides of playing grounds, and at school. College students can conduct flash mob, street drama, and magic and fancy shows include with hazards of pollution. This way people can easily understand what were students’ said. Also each student takes it as challenge to plant trees. Also tell your parent to avoid the vehicles for small length drive or ride. Try to use public transportation vehicles to travel. This way we can’t prevent more usage of fossil fuel. The soil pollution causes are usage of chemical fertilizer and other waste. The water is precious and many people are struggling to get drinking water. Teach students to don’t waste the water. Also protect the each water resources as human being.

When students are observed and take remedies, it will more helpful to next generation, because students are standing between old and new generation. Don’t blame society for doing this, blame yourself. If you are doing above mentioned remedies and ideas, we can prevent the pollutions. Also many people are getting treatment for different types of diseases. Most of the diseases are generating because pollution, so we must give care on these areas. Also try to close more polluted factories. Through these ways we can prevent the pollutions. Now day’s people didn’t give importance and they do nothing. In this behavior some reasons are behind, busy life, jobs, and no time for spending to do this. But students can change it, especially college students have important role in society, because next level they entering into society as a responsible man. Include environmental classes and tasks in education system. Don’t sit on classrooms, because a big world is waiting for your at outside. We can’t change the world alone, so grab your society mind in your own ideas and planning. If you first attempt may fail, but don’t stop do this as a duty. Also you can choose social Medias for giving awareness classes and information, because it is right place. Most of the people are spending more time on social Medias. Develop new world without pollution problems.

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